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Our production takes place at the UIC Richard E. Daley Library.

The nearest public parking is at the UIC Halsted Street Parking Structure, the Parking Structure is located at 760 W Taylor St, Chicago, IL 60607.

UIC Richard Daley Library Heading link

801 S. Morgan St., Chicago, IL 60607

Detailed interior map of the event

A special thank you to and Adrian Tabungar for their assistance in creating the interior map for the event.

Library Accessibility Information Heading link

This library accessibility information guide, created by Dr. Fink, the DCC director, and the DHD 400 student team, provides an overview of the accessible features of the UIC Library. After performing an audit on the UIC Library, the library is a spacious environment that is wheelchair accessible. At the entrance from the SCE/Quad side, there is one accessible door. At the Morgan street entrance, there are two accessible doors. On the entrance from the SCE/Quad side, there is one accessible door on the left side of the building. On the Morgan Street entrance, both accessible doors are placed in between the revolving doors and the buttons for these doors are placed on the side of the two pillars placed in front of the accessible doors which may be hard to find. Due to the placement, the entrance may become congested in busy times. When entering the library, there are metal detectors with a threshold. The space within the library is spacious and the floor is smooth. There are many different colors and posters within the library, which can come off as overstimulating for some individuals. There are also no room signs. Finally, the bathrooms have accessible stalls as well as large signs and have roll-under counters, which can be accessible for wheelchair users.